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In the first years after Dean Smith became the basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, many thought he would be fired. His team did not win many games, and he could not seem to turn the team around. But in an interview, he told how his life changed when he read Catherine Marshall’s book Beyond Our Selves.

Marshall had become discouraged while writing a book about her first husband, Peter Marshall. But reminded of John 15, she realized that the key to success was depending completely on God.

Instead of feeling discouraged, she welcomed this feeling of not being sufficient in herself, realizing she could draw on God’s strength. After realizing she was inadequate, she could turn to “the inexhaustible sufficiency of God.” This was “the power of helplessness.”

Marshall began praying a “prayer of helplessness.” This was a confession of her utter dependence on God. She found that He gave her everything she needed. Looking to Jesus as the vine, she became a best-selling author. Dean Smith learned this principle as well and became one of history’s most successful college coaches.

Do you feel helpless? Weak? Start focusing on Jesus. Seek Him. Trust Him to give you the wisdom and ability you need. Ask Him to empower you, teach you, and provide for you. Remember, you are a branch, and He is the vine. Apart from Him, you can do nothing!