Help for Agitated Hearts

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David was troubled. He faced difficulties that perplexed and puzzled him. It would have been easy for him to remain agitated, feel perpetually in turmoil—constantly wondering and speculating.

Yet, in the face of these challenges, David realized that he had choices. Drawing on his relationship with God, he recognized that he didn’t have to wallow in worry.

First, he recognized the importance of humility. It was important to turn completely to God and surrender to His will. As events continued to unfold, he could have allowed turmoil to rise again, and again. But he made the conscious choice to calm and quieten his soufrustratl. To trust in God. As a result, he found peace.

He felt like a weaned child. In ways they don’t always remember or recognize, these children know that their mothers are nearby, ready to help. This gives them great calmness and confidence. With this attitude, David was able to have a calm mind. He learned not to be concerned about “great matters” or “things too profound for me.”

Here, David gave us a picture of complete balance: Personal initiative and responsibility, combined with absolute trust and confidence. Having faith in God but also living in obedience. Both knowing His Word, and putting it into practice. Spending time with Him in prayer, and faithfully doing the things we are called to do.

How do you respond when facing difficult circumstances, challenges, or problems? Learn from David. Place your hope in the Lord! Stay humble before Him. Obey His Word. Trust Him to guide you, to protect and provide for you.