Heaven to Serve Jesus

Heaven to Serve Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In a ministry that lasted 30 years, Charles Spurgeon stirred the hearts of men and women with sermons that still resonate. Born into a Christian home in England in 1834, he rebelled in his youth but gradually realized his need of a Savior. Finally, he totally committed his life to Christ, and everything changed.

He developed into the “prince of preachers,” delivering his first sermon in 1853. The impact was dramatic. Word spread and his church (the current Metropolitan Tabernacle in London) soon was packed repeatedly.

His messages could be controversial but always bold and convicting. His final sermon, preached on this day in 1891, was a challenge to live for Christ.

Before he came to Jesus he had been “a good-for-nothing.” He had been “in debt, and without a penny to pay.” But Jesus received him so “graciously.” His final plea? That everyone would follow Jesus. His promise? It was “heaven” to serve Him.

He urged them all to realize that “every man must serve somebody you will either serve Satan or Christ, either self or the Savior.” And He continues to receive all who come to Him. “What a captain we have! None can compare with him for gentleness.”

Looking back, he described how wonderful it had been to serve Jesus! “I have had nothing but love from Him. I would be glad to continue yet another 40 years in the same dear service here below if so it pleased Him. His service is life, peace, joy.” His prayer, his plea, was that everyone would know and follow Him! To learn just how wonderful it was to serve Him!

Make sure that you are serving Jesus, fully experiencing the joy that He gives. And be ready to tell others this Good News.