Hearing Clearly

Hearing Clearly

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The entire city of Cremona, Italy, recently was ordered to keep quiet. Everyone was urged to avoid any “sudden and unnecessary sounds.”

The purpose was to record accurately the sounds of instruments made by Antonio Stradivarius and other craftsmen. Elaborate procedures assured an atmosphere of absolute silence and pristine conditions to record each instrument.

This care was necessary because over time, the distinctive sound of these instruments had been fading.

The curator of the Cremona museum devoted to musical instruments observed that each Stradivarius had “its own personality.” But their distinctive sounds “will inevitably change,” and could even be lost within just a few decades. “After they reach a certain age, they become too fragile to be played and they ‘go to sleep,’ so to speak.”

The dedication of the people of Cremona illustrates the importance of having ears to hear. They created conditions so sounds could be heard clearly and each instrument was allowed to speak in its own voice.

These principles apply in our spiritual lives. The world can be a noisy place. How critical it is that we find times and places when we can fellowship with God to clearly hear His still, small voice. Only then can we learn from Him and receive the guidance and direction He has prepared for each of us.

Today, seek to make time for God, a time to hear from Him and the words He has just for you.