He is risen

He is Risen, He Has Risen Indeed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a young man, Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther faced the reality of death. While attending college in Leipzig, Germany, he suffered a crippling lung disease. During the months required for recuperation, he poured himself into Bible study and the writings of Martin Luther.

Walther’s studies brought him closer to the Lord but also led him to conclusions that conflicted with church officials. Seeking freedom to follow his convictions, he migrated to America and settled near St. Louis. There he helped establish the Lutheran Church’s Missouri Synod.

Although the work was challenging, Walther made a huge impact. But as his health began to decline, he decided to return to Germany for a time of rest. He was at sea on Easter 1860 when he became inspired to write the hymn He is Risen, He is Risen! It was later translated into English by Anna M. Meyer.

In this hymn, Walther expressed the triumph found in the resurrection: He is risen, He is risen, Christ Jesus, the Lord. He declared that Jesus opened death’s prison and set all who believe in Him free.

Even though Jesus is the Lord of creation, He was nailed to the tree. His foes thought they had won, but short was their triumph, because Jesus arose from the dead. He vanquished every foe, including death, hell, and Satan.

No matter what challenges you face, this is a day to celebrate. Jesus has risen! And because of Him, you can be more than a conqueror.