Harvest Time

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesSeptember 30, 20182 Minutes

The Israelites were in a wilderness. Egypt was behind them, yet they could only imagine their future.

In this time of transition, God told Moses that He would bring them into a land where they were to gather before Him three times a year. One of these times was the Feast of Harvest (or Tabernacles). As they sowed seeds, they were to gather together the firstfruits of their labors and bring them to God. If they had sown nothing, they would have reaped nothing. But, for all who had faithfully sown seeds, God promised that they would reap the rewards of their faithfulness.

This feast reminds us that our lives are filled with seeds. Seeds of love and kindness, finances and wealth, talents and resources. Sadly, some limit God’s blessing by not sowing from the resources He has given them. But those who are faithful can expect to receive a harvest.

During this harvest season, we are reminded that we cannot reap a harvest unless we sow seeds and water them. Then we must wait and be patient. There may be times when it seems that nothing is growing, that we might not reap a harvest. But, all the while, God’s principles remain true. He promises that, IF we are faithful, we WILL experience a harvest.

Have you been sowing seeds with your time, talent, and treasure? If you have been faithful, God will reward you, and you will receive a harvest for your faithfulness and obedience. Trust in Him today, and rejoice. It’s harvest time!