Harming Yourself

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What is the purpose of God’s commands? Why does He tell us what is “right” and “wrong”? From a self-centered point of view, it can seem that He is “against” us and just wants to tell us what to do.

Driven by a desire for independence, many refuse to obey, reserving the right to determine their own way. This spirit, first championed by Satan himself, fosters the assumption that we should be able to do whatever we want, regardless of what God or the Bible might say.

Many felt this way in Jeremiah’s time, feeling that they knew what was best, choosing to ignore or just disobey God’s words. But He knew that their understanding was limited. That their logic was flawed. That there was much that they either didn’t know or had forgotten. That they were being guided by imperfect human beings with imperfect understanding and limited abilities.

In fact, their decisions were resulting in the opposite of their goals. They were “doing great harm to yourselves.” God was not against them but for them. His laws were for their good. And obeying Him was the best way to experience happiness and fulfillment, and achieve success.

These same principles are true today. Many encourage us to question God’s Word and develop our own reasons for our beliefs and actions. Even some Believers have this attitude.

All the while, God watches. He knows what is best for us. He has given us His Word that we might succeed and experience fulfillment and happiness. That we might have wisdom to make the right choices, and receive His blessings.

Renew your commitment to seek God for the wisdom you need. Study His Word. Obey it, and do so joyfully. Don’t resist Him, but serve Him. Don’t trust yourself or the thoughts of others. But trust Him.