Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Not all steel is the same. Some special grades are distinguished by being called “hardened steel” because they undergo intense heat treatment. As a result, this steel lasts much longer and can be used in more extreme settings.

Many other materials can be “hardened.” This takes place in the kitchen as foods are changed into more solid forms. Hardening takes place in the body as blood vessels harden and no longer are responsive.

The Bible tells us that hardening is a spiritual term. Ideally, we are to be soft and pliable, sensitive to the Spirit, ready to be changed as God directs. But we also can be hardened. This means resisting God’s work, being set in our ways and blind to our weaknesses.

The Bible warns that we can be “hardened” by the deceitfulness of sin. The Greek word indicates that we can become stubborn, obstinate, and refuse to recognize the need to change.

This is the impact sin can have on our hearts and minds. Specifically we can be deceived into thinking that certain acts or thoughts are harmless or even beneficial. But they can make it harder for us to see the truth, to serve God, and to have the right perspective.

Be on guard against the deceitful impact of sin. Surrender your heart and mind to Jesus. Make Him your Lord. Seek to remain sensitive to the Spirit. Be a source of encouragement to others.