Hard Work

Hard Work

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Legendary pianist Bill Evans amazed listeners with dazzling solos and fresh insights. Music seemed to pour out from his fingers, complete with rich chords and lyrical melodies.

One famous pianist pointed to Evans’ “musical intelligence and his exquisite harmonic system.” Another musician commented that Evans had a “magical connection with the piano.” Many peers found Evans to be an inspiration and wondered about the keys to his success.

While his playing sounded effortless, Evans surprised many with his response. Yes, he had natural ability. But he stressed that what sounded natural and effortless actually was the result of diligence and practice.

He explained, “I believe in things that are developed through hard work.” This discipline led to greater depths of understanding and maturity.

Many others have attested to these same principles in their lives. The compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, too, sounded natural. But he admitted, “I have had to work hard; anyone who works just as hard will get just as far.”

The Bible tells us working hard is central to success in any venture. But some take their gifts for granted and never really develop their God-given potential. Others form bad habits or even are lazy.

In your life, be sure to be a good steward of the resources God has given you. Develop your raw talent. Take advantage of your opportunities. Hone your skills. Foster good habits and right attitudes. Be faithful and disciplined.