Guided by God’s Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There are many ways of thinking about wisdom. In the sixth century BC, the Greek writer Aeschylus said that wisdom “comes through suffering.” In the 18th century, novelist Oliver Goldsmith said that wisdom “consists in tracing effects to their causes.” Bertrand Russell, an atheistic philosopher, said that “to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” These are but a few of the quotable thoughts about the meaning of “wisdom.”

But Believers know that, from a Biblical perspective, there’s a difference between the wisdom described in the world and God’s wisdom. His wisdom is eternal. It goes beyond intelligence or information, and includes discernment and insight. It means knowing how to act, and it fosters productive habits.

God’s wisdom helps us think through our options and make the best choices. It gives us understanding and guards us, providing a “shield” of protection. It helps us recognize those who have left “the paths of uprightness” and who “walk in the ways of darkness.” It enables us to recognize those “who are devious in their ways.”

Solomon, the author of these Proverbs, knew how easily we can be impacted by our relationships. From his personal life, he realized the impact of the poor choices he made in his relationships with women (1 Kings 11:3).

His message about wisdom points toward attitudes and lifestyles that can help us stay alert to danger. This wisdom, he warned young men, could deliver them from the wrong kind of relationships. It could open up their eyes to see beyond the seductive ways of a “strange woman.”

Don’t take Solomon’s warnings for granted. Allow God’s wisdom to guide you onto the right path. Don’t be content with the shallow imitation “wisdom” offered by the world. Seek God for His timeless, infallible wisdom.