Great Peace

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How eagerly people from every walk of life seek peace. In the process, it is pursued in so many ways. Through exercise and relaxation. By taking vacations and various forms of escape. Through meditation and various religious activities.

But God provided a simple formula for receiving His peace: It is the result of loving His law. In fact, this results not just in peace, but “great peace.” This extra amount of peace is not the opinion of an editor or translator. There are, in fact, two words here in the Hebrew.

Taken together, these words present a profound picture. God is telling us that, when we love His law, we will be complete. We will be sound in every respect. And we will have total peace. He promises that we will have stability and internal fortitude. We will be able to depend on Him and His Word in every situation we face.

When we fill our minds and hearts with His Word, we are constantly reminded of God and His promises. When we are assaulted by the problems and challenges of life, we can turn to His Word and draw on His strength. We are armed with His principles and have the discernment to realize temptations, and avoid them. This can prevent us from being distracted, and also give us the perspective we need to view our circumstances in context.

Trusting in Him, and armed with His Word, we will be in a position in which His peace can flood our lives. When we love His law we gain strength to be able to withstand opposition and be victorious in the face of difficulties.

God can and will direct us, and give us “great peace,” peace to keep us joyful, happy, and healthy in all circumstances.

This is the path to great peace, in every situation. For you.