Our Great Heritage

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The son of a Lutheran pastor, Nikolai Grundtvig came from a long line of pastors. Born in 1783, in southern Denmark, he earned his theology degree from the University of Copenhagen (when he was only 20).

But, although ordained in 1811, he was not destined to be a pastor. To understand why, we need to examine a trial sermon he preached in 1810. Initially this received high marks, but controversy arose soon after the sermon was published. What was so controversial? Consider the title: “Wherefore Hath the Word of the Lord Vanished from His House?”

Grundtvig believed in the authority of the Bible, but not everyone agreed. Some were upset because of his criticism that many in society (and the church) had betrayed the Gospel and abandoned the Bible’s authority.

Partly because of the criticism he received for this message, Grundtvig did not pursue the ministry. He turned to his other interests, became a successful author, teacher, and politician. Through these high-profile positions, he became a significant figure in Danish society.

Remaining active in the church, he continued to champion his belief in the Bible. Others might have found his commitment offensive or archaic, but he consistently stressed that the Bible was the living Word of God and should be the authority for Believers.

He expressed this belief in a hymn written in 1817 called “God’s Word is our great heritage.” Our joy as Believers, he wrote, was to spread the light of the Gospel through the Word. Throughout our lives, “it guides our way.”

His prayer was that “we keep its teachings pure throughout all generations.”

Today, just as in his time, many deny the authority of the Bible, feeling that it is irrelevant or dated, that it is the work of man, not God.

Make sure that you don’t waiver, but reaffirm the Bible as your anchor and the foundation of your life.