Great and Precious Promises

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Confirming what seems clear to our own eyes, Peter declared that the world is filled with corruption. But he also identified its source: “lust.”

The Greek word here indicates something that is desired even though forbidden. It reflects a deep craving, a condition in which we are controlled by passions. Under the influence of this lust, we can become overwhelmed with appetites for pleasure and possessions, or preoccupied with habits and hobbies. We can be driven to achieve power or status.

All of us can be vulnerable to these forces. But Peter reminded us that Believers have a weapon that can give us victory! We have “escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” How? Through God’s “exceedingly great and precious promises.” These promises can change our lives and enable us to partake “of the divine nature.”

The Greek word translated “exceedingly great” is used here for the only time in the Bible. It specifically means MORE than great. Peter wanted us to know that God’s promises are powerful and can have an overwhelming impact! But we must know them and put them into practice.

We can miss out on this impact by failing to take advantage of what God has given us. We must not take His promises for granted, but should value them and realize what incredible treasures He has packed into His Word.

In your own strength, you may not be able to fight against corruption and lust. That is why you need God’s promises. Make a commitment to know them, believe them, and act upon them. Remember: His promises are exceedingly great. They can change your life!