The Gospel for Everyone

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some Believers feel afraid to share their faith. Others feel inadequate. One common excuse is believing that ministry is the responsibility of full-time Christian workers like pastors or missionaries.

But a growing number of African Christians have realized that God has called them to minister to their people. They’ve concluded that the best way to reach Africans is for other Africans to testify about how Jesus has changed their lives. They are telling their own story in their own words, making it clear that the Gospel is for everyone in every nation.

A young woman, for example, recently confessed that she had been intimidated by the prospect of witnessing for the Gospel. But she gradually realized that God had placed her in a special place where she could “live as an example in the midst of widespread sexual immorality.”

Other Africans have realized that some doors are closed to missionaries but open to other Africans. One missionary leader has said that resistance “makes it increasingly difficult for traditional missionaries to enter their countries.” But the church in Africa is “strategically well-positioned” for modern mission frontiers.

These truths apply to Believers in every country. For all of us are special to God. He has made each of us with a unique personality and unique interests. He has a specific plan for each life but also has designed us so we have a unique ministry. That He will bring people into our lives to whom we can minister.

In your life, be open to God’s leading and direction. Be sensitive to the people He brings into your life. Then faithfully share the Good News.