Good Works

Good Works

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Ergonomics has become an important part of modern life. This applied science focuses on shaping and arranging places to foster efficiency and safety. For example, ergonomics is used to help design chairs and desks as well as lighting and flow in office buildings.

Every year, work-related injuries cause billions of dollars in damage. Ergonomics helps foster a healthier environment, reduces danger, and increases productivity.

The word ergonomics comes from the Greek word ergon, a word also used several times in the Bible, particularly in Paul’s letter to Titus. The word often is translated works. In Titus, it’s used to describe good works.

Paul wanted to make sure that his readers understood their works do not save them (3:5). But believers should seek to demonstrate the reality of their faith by what they do. We need to show in convincing ways the difference Jesus has made. We do this by being “an example of good works” (v. 7) and by being “eager to do good works” (v. 14).

Paul returned to this theme throughout the letter. Church leaders are “to be ready for every good work” (3:1). All believers are to “devote themselves to good works” (3:8). Some are not fit “for any good work” (1:16).

Just as ergonomics fosters a healthier environment, so the Bible provides the resources we need to produce good works, to be more fruitful, and to have more impact.