Good Tidings and Great Joy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Lancelot Andrewes was a brilliant linguist—he’d mastered 15 languages. He also was deeply committed to serving God.

He is said to have spent as many as five hours a day in prayer. Because of his knowledge and dedication, he was named the head of the “Westminster group,” which translated Genesis through 1 Kings in what became known as the King James Bible.

Andrewes also was a powerful preacher. He preached one of his most memorable sermons on Christmas day in 1610. The text was Luke 2:10-11.

He said, “Men may talk what they will, but sure there is no joy in the world to the joy of a man saved; no joy so great, no news so welcome, as to one ready to perish…to hear of one that will save him…Tell any of these, assure them but of a Savior, it is the best news he ever heard in his life.” Andrewes knew that the Christmas story pointed people to Jesus.

On this Christmas Day, remember that there are people all around you who are depressed and lonely. Some are filled with fear and anxiety.

Remember that Jesus came into this world to bring “good tidings of great joy” to people just like this. This is a message everyone needs to hear—friends and family, old and young, rich and poor, people in every nation.

Today, rejoice in the birth of Jesus and the joy He brings. Also, dedicate yourself and your resources to the Gospel. Let your life be a witness of the Gospel message.