Good Examples

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As he traveled throughout the Roman world, Paul encountered many types of people and situations. While sharing the Gospel, he also sought to teach what it meant to follow Jesus. His challenge was to encourage and motivate Believers in their faith, while also correcting and admonishing them.

We see how he praised the Believers in Thessalonica for the example they had set for others. They demonstrated faith, through their individual lives as well as in the overall church. They also showed love for each other that “grows ever greater.”

They had grasped these core elements of what it meant to serve Jesus. They realized the importance of living by faith, that love was central to God’s character, and the way in which they were to approach each other.

Paul particularly was pleased by the perseverance and faith they had shown in response to difficulties. Faced with persecutions, others might have given up or compromised, but the Thessalonians had endured and remained steadfast.

Paul reminded them that life is short and that God knew how they responded to problems. He would reward them. They shouldn’t be discouraged if they faced opposition and persecution. But as the ultimate Judge, God would bring about “righteous judgment” for everyone, including those who persecuted them.

They needed to focus on being “considered worthy of the kingdom of God.” Living and responding in the right way, even if they were suffering.

In your life, don’t be surprised or discouraged if you face difficulties. Through every situation, seek to stay faithful, trusting in God. Focus on faith and love. Be a good example of how to live.