God’s Trumpets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It’s a process that never stops. Since the first trumpets were developed more than 3,000 years, specialists have applied advanced mathematical and acoustic processes to learn how to shape each instrument. They’ve discovered that the sound is impacted by every aspect, from the material chosen to the shape, to the mouthpiece. Today, as in the past, elite trumpeters demand instruments that produce just the right sound they want.

A cousin of the trumpet, bugles were developed around 1750 for use by armies in Europe. These instruments were designed to produce patterns (such as “reveille”) that coordinated troop movements.

Years earlier, God used the same principles to help the Israelites communicate in the wilderness. He told them to make silver trumpets of “hammered work.” He was specific because these instruments had to make specific sounds!

This silver produced unique tones that could be heard clearly over long distances. One signal meant that everyone was to gather. One signal reminded them about appointed feasts, while another told them to leave camp. Some sounds warned about dangers.

These trumpets only could be played by the sons of Aaron. There could be no mistakes for they were the voice of God!

The use of trumpets reminds us of how God communicates with us. We, too, need to know what “sound” He makes. To be alert to deception, and recognize counterfeits. We, too, need to be certain of His Word! But we also need to be sensitive to the leading and warning of the Spirit.

Today, remember that God wants to speak to you. Make sure that you are in tune with Him. Fill your life with His Word. Spend time in prayer, listening. Ask for discernment. And learn to hear His voice. Let Him lead and guide you.