God’s Tests

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Abraham proved that he was a man of faith, obeying when God called him to leave his home for an unknown destination. But, at times, he also could be very human. Even after God assured him that he would have a son, he became impatient and fathered Ishmael, with his wife’s Egyptian maid, Hagar. On another occasion he lied, telling Abimelech that his wife, Sarah, was only his sister.

God kept His word when Abraham and Sarah experienced the miraculous birth of a son, Isaac, in their old age. But, in light of Abraham’s inconsistency, the real condition of his heart was not clear.

God decided to test Abraham, asking him to sacrifice Isaac. Was he willing to offer up his beloved son? When Abraham obeyed, he passed the test, proving that he had the right priorities, and was ready for greater blessings.

These are important patterns for our lives. Through God’s Word we have His promises and the assurance that He wants to bless us. He has given us His principles by which to live.

But how are we responding? Do we really believe Him? Are we really seeking first His Kingdom, confident that He will provide for us (Matthew 6:33)?

The Bible tells us that God looks at our lives, to see how we respond to challenges and adversity. Through these tests, we reveal our priorities, and the real character of our hearts. The Bible also promises that the work of our lives will be tested.