God’s Speed

God’s Speed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The clipper ship Andrew Jackson arrived in San Francisco in March 1860, taking 89 days for the journey from New York. At the time, it represented a new dimension in speed, and the crowds were amazed.

Many trained observers thought that the previous record, set by the Flying Cloud, would never be beaten. The response to the record set by the Jackson was surprise and astonishment.

Those observers would be astonished to know that same journey now takes just a few hours by air. Thanks to the Panama Canal, even sea journeys are quicker.

As human beings, we tend to react to time based on our own frame of reference. We can bring that same perspective to our relationship with God.

Even people in the Bible cried to God for help with a sense of urgency. For instance, David pleaded, O Lord, do not stay far away& come quickly to my aid! (Psalm 22:19). His need was clearly urgent, but he didn’t always seem convinced that God would respond in time.

For us, time may be relative. Days can seem to crawl by or race by. Yet God sees time from a different perspective. He is beyond time. For Him, everything takes place according to His eternal timetable. When necessary, He can even act with blinding speed.

Remember that God always is with you. He hears you the instant you pray. And you can trust Him to act at just the right time.