God’s Specific Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David Stirling seemed like a failure. Born in Scotland in 1915 into a well-connected family, he had abundant talent, and possessed a brilliant intellect. Yet he seemed to fail at everything he tried.

After dropping out of college, he drifted. Eventually deciding to become an artist, he moved to Paris to study. Eventually he was told that his artistic abilities were inadequate. Then, he failed in efforts to become an architect. When his mother pressured him to do something practical, he announced that he would become the first person to climb Mount Everest. Not surprisingly, his mountaineering efforts did not succeed.

He joined the military at the outbreak of World War II, but was described as “a nightmare recruit,” often slipping away at night to drink and gamble. Generally, he was uncooperative, ignoring instructions.

But suddenly everything seemed to gel. He developed ideas for a commando-style of warfare that some rejected as being impractical, but ultimately were seen as innovative by leadership. His ideas led to the founding of the Special Air Service (SAS). And, in leadership of this special corps, Stirling would serve with distinction.

Everything had fallen into place. Suddenly his life had meaning. He became focused and motivated. He had found his niche, the place where he fit.

A similar process takes place for many people in the spiritual realm. They realize that they are unique, with special gifts and abilities. That they can find fulfillment by embracing God’s unique calling and preparation.

Remember: You are special in God’s sight. Seek to be faithful to accomplish His calling for you.