God’s Sovereignty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Just think of all that is packed into these verses. They hold not just information, but perspective—people and events that help us understand the context of Jesus’ birth.

It was a time of complex political structures. Herod the Great (who was of Idumean descent) ruled in Judea, under the watchful eye of his Roman masters.

It was a time of complicated religious leadership, just a few generations after the Maccabees led a revolt against Rome. Priests like Zacharias continued to fulfill their duties in the Temple.

It was a time of personal choices—some rebelled against Rome, others hoped for the Messiah, while many simply lived for themselves.

There were men and women like Zacharias and Elizabeth who determined to stay righteous in God’s sight. They did not allow the political, economic, or social pressures to prevent them from obeying God and seeking Him first.

This also was a time of miracles. God demonstrated that He could intervene in the lives of people like Zacharias and Elizabeth, using them in ways they never could have anticipated.

Today, God still works in the lives of people. He still is sovereign over time. He still keeps His promises. He still works through and in spite of political systems. He still seeks those whose lives are pleasing to Him and who are faithfully serving Him.

In your life, seek to be found faithful and pleasing to God. Know that He has a plan for the ages and for you.