God’s Soldiers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As the man who developed the Special Air Service (SAS) in the early days of World War I, David Stirling knew that he needed to find soldiers with unique skills. Somewhat of a misfit himself, Stirling had failed in other endeavors, until he found his niche developing the SAS.

He insisted on interviewing each volunteer. Knowing the challenges they would face, he looked for men with special skills and attitudes. In particular, he wanted men able to think independently. He didn’t want “yes-men.”

After the interview, the process became even tougher. Jock Lewes, who co-developed the SAS, insisted that recruits possess extreme levels of self-control. In particular, they needed to be able to march for long distances under unpleasant conditions, and go without water for long periods of time. They were trained to achieve “supreme physical stamina and self-confidence.” To be so confident that they would know they could endure and achieve their goals.

When they faced real dangers, they would be glad the training had been tough. These might not have been classic soldiers, but were men ready to face their unique assignments. They could know that they had been specially chosen, and were prepared and ready.

Jesus Himself took extra care to select the men who would be His disciples. To outsiders, these may have seemed like unusual choices. Men like fishermen and a tax collector. But these men had the skills, attitude, and resources Jesus was looking for.

The selection process continues today. For each of us has a special calling from God. A special role to play. Our task is to respond to His call, to serve Him faithfully, and to seek to accomplish the specific mission we have been given.