God’s Priorities

God’s Priorities

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In His message to Ezekiel, God described at length how He had blessed His people. He had made them beautiful and adorned them with fine clothes and jewelry. They were so attractive that the fame of their beauty spread among the nations. In fact, their beauty was “perfect” (v. 14), all because of God’s design.

The problem was that they had lost perspective heir beauty became a distraction, a trap. Instead of viewing their appearance in context, they became possessive and self-centered. They focused on their beauty (and all that came along with it) and made the flesh an idol they worshiped. They lost sight of God and became prostitutes, using God’s gifts to sell themselves to others. They had become promiscuous, giving themselves to others in
body, soul, and spirit.

God clearly wanted to bless His people. His desire was that they enjoy the full benefits of creation. But they also needed to maintain the right priorities. This meant always keeping Him first.

This is a problem any of us can have. We can find ourselves obsessing on any part of creation: material resources, physical beauty, intelligence, skills, hobbies, or relationships. Any of these things can become our focus. They can consume our time so significantly that we forget about God.

Be sure that you always seek first God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:33). Keep Him first in your life. Don’t worship anything or anyone else (Exodus 20:1-17).