God’s Principles

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The prophet Elisha often visited Shunem (in northern Israel, west of the Sea of Galilee). During one visit, a “prominent” woman offered him some food. Later, continuing to show concern for this prophet, she provided a place for him to stay.

Having witnessed her faithfulness, Elisha prophesied that she would have a son, and the miracle took place just as he had said. But when the boy grew up, he died, and the woman again called for Elisha, who restored her son to life.

Sometime later, Israel was going through a time of famine. God led this woman to spend seven years in the land of the Philistines. After the famine ended, she returned home only to discover that someone else had taken possession of her property.

She appealed to the king, who spoke with Elisha’s servant. He confirmed that her story was correct: She was the woman for whom Elisha had performed miracles. As a result, the king restored to her all of her resources.

The Bible is filled with examples of God’s compassion for the poor, describing the miraculous ways He meets their needs. But, as this story illustrates, God’s promises apply to everyone—even those who are like this wealthy woman.

The Bible repeatedly demonstrates that those who Sow Seeds into God’s Kingdom can expect to Reap a Harvest. He rewards faithfulness and blesses those who are good stewards.

In your life, remember that God’s Word is true today, and it will be true tomorrow. He rewards those who obey His Word and are faithful. It is true for young and old, and for rich and poor. It is true for you!