God’s Plan and Design

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Birds and animals do not debate their place in creation. They do not second-guess God. They don’t rebel or suffer with uncertainty. They simply follow their instincts and natural tendencies, and do what they were created to do. They never question when to act, but they do things at the “appointed times.”

People often do not have this same level of confidence in our Creator. Instead of believing His Word, we tend to think we need to figure things out on our own, and find it difficult to trust Him. For some reason, it can seem so much easier to go along with popular opinion and believe what other people tell us than to believe God.

At these times, we need to think about birds and animals. Like them, the key to our fulfillment is to cooperate with God, and do things His way. He still gives us the freedom to accept or reject His will, and determine if we will cooperate. But we pay a price when go our own way. We find ourselves carrying the burdens, weighed down with worry and uncertainty.

Today, think about the birds and animals. Remember how naturally they follow God’s design. And remember that He is your Creator. He knows you and what you need. And He wants you to enjoy the fullness of His creation.

Fill your heart and mind with His Word, and submit your life to Him. Don’t resist Him, or insist on your own way. As you cooperate with God, you will experience greater fulfillment, joy, and peace. Let Him relieve your burdens and allow you to experience His freedom, and more of His blessings.