God’s Path

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The quest for independence. The drive to rebel against authority. The desire to be free of restrictions and go our own way. These are the ambitions of youth, but also can be aspirations throughout our lives.

In this pursuit, some reject any ideas associated with religion. Others consider the Bible and advice of previous generations to be old-fashioned and irrelevant. Many simply think that belief in God confines and limits us.

In contrast, the Bible teaches that true fulfillment comes from obeying God and living according to His rules. He specifically warns us not to be seduced by temporary thrills and short-term escapes, the kinds of infatuation and temptation delivered by the world. We’re cautioned to realize that these kinds of desires can lead to destruction, to being “burned” (v. 27).

In fact, the Bible constantly teaches that, contrary to the deceptive ideas encouraged in the world, God is our real source of blessing and fulfillment. The Bible reminds us to listen to the advice of those who have gone through these experiences themselves, specifically, our fathers and mothers. We are to listen to their warnings and advice, and keep their reminders ever before us.

These principles remain true at every stage of life, for Satan lurks around every corner, looking for ways to tempt even the most mature Believer.

Today, learn from the experiences of other Believers. Remember that you are not immune to temptation. Heed God’s warnings. Hide His Word in your heart, and make it the foundation for your life. Stay sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.