God’s Name

God’s Name

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The problem was simple: God’s people were focused on themselves and didn’t realize the consequences of their choices. Their priorities should be of cosmic importance, not just petty things that occupied most of their time, attention, and resources.

These people were concerned about their personal pleasures and interests. But, God made clear to Malachi, from His perspective, the key was their relationship with Him. Throughout history, He demonstrated His desire to bless His people. But this required their cooperation. They could go their own way but this would mean being robbed of His blessings.

God wanted them to realize they had been chosen by Him. They were His representatives, His people. By their lives, they were to be examples. Testimonies. Proof that His Word was true.

In His message, God reminded them of the respect and attitude shown toward those in important positions. But His people acted as though they were not concerned about His name or the way others acted toward Him. His desire was that His name would be “great among the nations.” That people would approach Him as “a great King.”

These principles still are true. We still are His representatives. His people. We still can go our own way and focus on ourselves. But He also reminds us that He promises overwhelming blessings to those who please and serve Him.

Today, remember that you are God’s witness. Seek to honor Him with your life, and be a testimony to Him.