God’s Mighty Wonders

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man stood at the door, looking with amazement. He had never seen anything like it.

He had walked a long way to attend a revival meeting in a farmhouse in rural Sweden. As composer Nils Frykman described, “The place was full of people singing, rejoicing, and crying all at the same time.” What was different? They were overwhelmed by the presence of God.

It was an unforgettable moment. While one man preached a sermon, Frykman felt inspired to write a hymn we know as “God’s Mighty Wonders.”

Frykman described how wonderful it was to see people so conscious of God’s presence: “Our mighty God works mighty wonders—What joy, to see them all around!” All that was false disappeared in His presence: Every idol falls before Him, “their altars crumbling to the ground.”

God is able to break every fetter, and gives us true freedom. He changes lives through His Word, which “goes forth to conquer, its power destroys the forts of doubt.” Even mighty warriors “yield up their armor to Him” finding cleansing “in Jesus’ blood.”

Frykman could imagine the scene in heaven as “the host of brethren…with banners waving, singing, cheering, they hail in joy their royal Head; and many more shall own His reign, His wondrous love the victory gain.”

That revival meeting was just a taste of how we will spend eternity: “O God, be praised! The day is nearing, when to our ears a voice shall come.” Believers will see the Lord appearing “to gather all His loved ones home!” While celebrating here on earth, we still anticipate His second coming.

Today, don’t be dominated by the things of this world. They all are so temporary. Fill your life with praise and worship. Revel in God’s presence.