God’s Fountain

God’s Fountain

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God described a time when a fountain will be opened for His people. The Hebrew words give a picture of an opening, like a well dug in the wilderness from which flows life-giving water. This was a fountain “for sin and for impurity.” People would recognize their sins. They would be convicted, and desire to be pure, holy, and right with God.

God also promised to eliminate false prophets and those who spread rumors and inaccurate information. No deception or manipulation would be tolerated. Instead, a spirit of humility and honesty would sweep over the land. People would become sensitive to His Word and dedicated to Him.

Today, your Heavenly Father still has a fountain for sin and impurity. He is ready to open up that fountain for you. But, like finding water in a well, this might require some digging. Digging into your memories, your actions, your thoughts. Digging to help you see the impact of your past.

As you dig, surrender your life anew to the lordship of Jesus. Dig into His Word. Seek to be filled anew with His Spirit. And ask the Spirit to probe your innermost thoughts and feelings, and give you His strength and power.

As He purifies you, allow God to give you more of His riches and wisdom. Purified, seek to eliminate anything that is displeasing to Him. To be pure and holy.

Spend time in prayer. Seek His face. And start digging. Let the water from His fountain flow into your life. Let it refresh and cleanse you, and quench your thirsty soul.