God’s Desire

God’s Desire

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God wanted the very best for His people. He specifically desired that these Israelites and their children would “prosper forever.” But this endless prosperity didn’t just happen. It required having a heart that revered and honored Him and a life spent keeping His commandments.

Looking at His people, God remembered what they promised. But He also knew that, eventually, they would forget these commitments. Yet He yearned for them to remember, stay faithful, and realize that obedience was the way to experience maximum success.

He encouraged the Israelites to fill their lives with His Word – to learn the Word, think about the Word, and practice the Word. His Word contained reminders of things they needed to do and say. Applying His Word would help them avoid problems and experience His fullest blessings.

God has the same concerns about us. He hears our promises, but He also knows that we might forget. We may make excuses or fail to follow through. He knows that we can be distracted and abandon our commitments, despite our good intentions. That’s why He gave us His Spirit to remind us (John 14:26) and guide us into all truth (John 16:13).

Today, submit your life to God. Seek Him through prayer. Stay sensitive to His Spirit. Seek the power of the Spirit to help you stay spiritually strong. Fill your mind with His Word, and put His principles into practice. Seek to please Him.