God’s Covenants and Promises

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible, over and over, reminds us that God is a God of covenants, and promises. We cannot really understand our relationship with Him unless we grasp this truth. And realizing this truth filled the psalmist with thanks and praise.

He could sing with joy because He remembered all that God had done. He called on all of His people to praise and worship Him, to sing to Him and glory in His name. He exhorted them to remember His wonders, His marvels, and His promises.

As we think about God we need to remember that “He is the Lord our God” and that “His judgments are in all the earth.” As we think about His Word, we are reminded that “He has remembered His covenant forever.”

Because He is a God of covenants, He will do what He has promised. But, for these promises to be fulfilled, we need to do our part, and put into practice the things He has commanded us. And His promises and covenants never expire.

Today, spend time declaring God’s promises. Speak them. Repeat them. Remember that He is faithful. Look back and remember all that He has done for you. Think the truths of His Word. Filled with a renewed awareness of His promises and faithfulness, you can go into life prepared. Worry and fear can disappear, and you can be filled with expectation and confidence.

Always remember, He is a God of covenants and promises. He never lies, and always is dependable. He waits to see if you will do your part, and believe Him. If you do so, you will experience the blessings of His Word and the fulfillment of His promises.