Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would bring conviction. He would convict the world about sin and the importance of doing the right things. He would remind everyone that we’ll all face God’s judgment.

The Spirit works to expose anything that displeases God. He brings these things to light—particularly hidden things and the actions and attitudes we would try to cover up. He will convict us about wrong words we have spoken and deal with us when we fail to do what we should have done.

Our flesh can run away from this conviction. We may not want to change. It can be painful to deal with secret sins, harmful hobbies, or damaging relationships.

We may try to ignore the Spirit and His warnings. But if we ignore Him, it can become harder to hear His voice and easier to justify our actions or go along with the crowd. Instead of running away or hiding, we need to realize that conviction is good. It means that the Spirit still is at work in our lives.

All of this becomes more difficult if our lives are cluttered or if our minds are preoccupied and dull to the Spirit’s voice. We also can become so determined to go our own way that we justify our thoughts and actions and don’t bother to listen to the Spirit or respond to Him.

It is important that we remember the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. We need to pause to let Him speak to us, allowing Him to convict us if necessary. We must let Him challenge us and lead us.

Today, ask God to help you be more sensitive to His Spirit and open to His conviction. He is ready to teach and warn you. He will give you greater discernment and the power to overcome problems and achieve victory.