God’s Chosen Servants

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Initially, Aaron was called as the spokesperson for his brother Moses (Exodus 4:27-28). But soon after the exodus God revealed that He had a new assignment for Aaron (and his sons): They were to be His priests, called to minister to Him. They were to serve Him in whatever ways He directed. The focus always was on God. He was their priority in everything they did.

It was important that everyone in the community understood why these priests were to be treated differently. The rules about their lives and conduct were different from the rules for other people. They were to be held to a different standard.

In return, they were to be viewed with a special reverence—not because they were better people, more intelligent, or more spiritual. Rather, it was because they were God’s representatives, and the attitude of people toward priests was to be a reflection of their attitude toward God Himself.

Throughout the definition and description of their function, role, and calling, there is not one mention of special abilities or talents. In other words, they were special only because of God’s calling.

Their selection was not a popularity contest. They had not impressed God. And they did not earn this position through their intelligence, experience, or résumés. This truly was a calling from God. They were called by Him and for Him, based on His terms and expectations.

These important principles remain central to being used by God. Serving Him cannot be the result of personal desire or ambition. Yes, we must want to serve God and commit ourselves to Him. But He does the calling. He sees how we fit into His plans and purposes, and determines what role He wants us to play in His Kingdom.

We always must be His ministers and His servants (1 Peter 2:9), called to accomplish His plans and purposes. That’s why we must seek to please Him, first and foremost.