Godly Examples

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ezra had come to Jerusalem from far-off Babylon because of the overwhelming burdens of his heart. While others were not willing to act, Ezra had “determined to study and obey” God’s Word. He also had a passion for His people.

Ezra he was shocked by the sin and disobedience that was prevalent in Jerusalem. He could not be silent, reminding the people of the standards God had given them.

Some realized how they had drifted away, and joined Ezra, sitting with him, feeling “outrage.” Ezra particularly was bothered by the actions of some priests and Levites, who should have known the law, and made sure the people kept God’s Word.

Overwhelmed by these discoveries, Ezra turned toward God. He confessed the sins of his people, and prayed for His mercy and direction. Others began feeling convicted, and “gathered and wept bitterly with him.”

One leader joined Ezra in admitting their sins. But he also knew that they needed guidance, to know how to respond. He reminded Ezra that it was his “duty to tell us how to proceed.” Ezra responded, accepting this responsibility to help the people realign their lives with God’s Word.

These were times that called for the actions of a discerning, bold leader. This also was a reflection on the poor leadership they had experienced prior to Ezra’s arrival. Some had taken action to try to restore Godly worship. But, as Ezra discovered, they had not gone far enough.

The actions of Ezra are reminders of the importance of godly leadership. That He looks for people who are sensitive to His Spirit and have a commitment to know and obey His Word. Who have the courage to speak up and act, as He directs.