God Knows

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The world always has been full of people who don’t seem concerned about God, who feel free to ignore or defy Him. But the Bible delivers a powerful message to such people: God knows what is going on.

Many of these people are “boastful.” The Hebrew word here suggests that they love to shine a light on themselves. They want attention, and seek glory for themselves. They don’t hesitate to violate God’s standards, saying and doing whatever they want. Obsessed with themselves, they “speak with insolent pride.”

For a season, some may appear to get away with their boasting and pride. But God knows everything they say or do. And at the “appointed time” (v. 2) He will judge them. His judgment will be completely fair for His creation has a solid foundation. The pillars of the earth are firmly set in place. His standards are unshakable and always true.

But those who know and serve God have a different attitude. We are filled with thanks and gratitude for all He has done. We declare His “wondrous works” and celebrate His goodness. We worship Him, and seek to serve Him, and obey His Word.

We are not boastful or defiant but welcome His presence, and aren’t afraid of judgment. We trust Him for recognition and celebrate the wonder of His creation.

In your life, humble yourself before God. Remember He knows everything about you. Submit your life to Him. Seek to be sensitive to His Spirit, and live according to His pillars, found in His Word.