God Is on Your Side

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David went through a series of difficulties during his lifetime. At times, torrents of problems swept over him, threatening to overwhelm him like a raging flood. He faced giants and hostile armies. He had to flee for his life, and seek refuge among people who once were his enemies. He experienced the rejection and doubts of his family. And the king whom he had served faithfully turned against him and sought to kill him.

God did not prevent him from going through these situations. However, God always was with him. And David recognized that God made the difference in his life.

Without God he would have drowned in the waters and been torn apart by his adversaries. He would have been trapped just like a bird in the snare of the trapper. But, because of God, the snare was broken, and “we have escaped.”

Sometimes, when we experience problems, we can be surprised, or feel discouraged, defeated, or overwhelmed. But, like David, we need to realize that we are not immune from problems just because we believe in God or seek to serve Him. But we can know that He always is with us. That He will bring us through difficulties and give us the strength we need. That He is our Help and Deliverer.

Today, remember that God is with you in every situation that you face. You can look to Him to bring you through, protect you, shield you, guide you, and provide for you. Call on Him for the things you need, and trust in Him. Be at peace. And remember: He is on your side.