God Is on His Throne

God Is on His Throne

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

At times, the world can seem like a yo-yo – constantly going up and then down. We try to make sense of everything, which can be a helpless experience.

Think about events of the past few years. Unanticipated problems emerged that didn’t seem to have solutions. Trends developed, but then reversed. Heroes have emerged and then fallen. People have embraced politicians and parties, then, when disappointed, tried something else. We wonder what tomorrow will bring and what else may happen.

The world changes constantly, but God never changes. Politicians may fight over control, but “God reigns over the nations.” Regardless of how things appear, He remains sovereign.

Through every change, God isn’t worried or caught up in emotional trauma. He simply sits “on His holy throne,” ruling, completing His plans. He was there yesterday. He is there today. He will be there tomorrow. No matter what takes place in the world, He remains on that throne!

If we focus on world events, our hearts can be subject to an emotional roller coaster – up one moment, down the next. We’ll never be sure how we will feel the next morning. We’ll be constantly uncertain. The answer? Trust in God.

Make sure that you trust Him. Kings may come but also go. Trends may emerge and recede. The news may be good or bad. But through every circumstance, God remains on His throne. You can believe in Him today and throughout your life. Absolutely.