God Is for You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul Gerhardt knew what it meant to go through troubles. Born on this day in 1607 (near Wittenberg in Germany), he became an important church leader and a composer of many hymns.

Gerhardt experienced many tragedies during his life, including the death of his wife and four of his children. He also was persecuted for his faith.

Through all of these experiences, he learned to trust in God and draw on Him for the strength he needed. In 1656 he wrote a hymn that expressed the bold faith God had given him. The hymn was called “If God Himself Be for Me.”

Gerhardt wrote, “If God Himself be for me, I may a host defy, for when I pray, before me my foes confounded fly. If Christ, the Head, befriend me, if God be my support, the mischief they intend me shall quickly come to naught.”

How could he be so confident in God giving him victory? Because he had built his life on this sure foundation: “That Jesus and His blood alone are my salvation.” He knew that nothing else was important: “Without Him, all that pleases is valueless on earth: the gifts I owe to Jesus alone my love are worth.”

Gerhardt sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. God’s Spirit was working to tame his heart when he rebelled and soothe him when he was hurt: “He crowns His work with blessing, and helpeth me to cry ‘My Father!’ without ceasing to Him Who reigns on high.” Even when his body was weary, Gerhardt knew that God would give him rest, and that He had prepared a wonderful heritage for him in Heaven.

Today, you can have this same kind of confidence in God. No matter what you face, remember that He is with you. With Him on your side, no one can stand against you!