God Is at Work

God Is at Work

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God told Gideon that He would give the Midianites into his hands. But to Gideon, this seemed impossible. This adversary seemed to have every advantage.

Despite God’s promise, Gideon was afraid and lacked confidence. So, God asked him to sneak into the enemy camp to listen to what they were saying. God knew he would be encouraged.

At first, Gideon remained overwhelmed. The Midianite army was vast and “thick as locusts” (v. 12). They were heavily equipped with more camels than could be counted. But then he heard a Midianite share a dream in which he declared that God already had given the Midianites into the hands of Israel. Gideon realized that Midian expected defeat.

It became clear to Gideon that God would accomplish what He promised. He still felt inadequate and overwhelmed at his challenge, but he was learning that his role was to trust and obey God and realize that God was at work.

You may have doubts about the challenges you face. The obstacles you confront may seem impossible to overcome. You may not see any indication that God is doing anything to answer your prayers. But the Bible assures us that you always can trust Him. His promises always are true.

Realize that God is at work in your life and the world. You may not see tangible results but have confidence. He is accomplishing His purposes. You can trust Him.