God Holds the Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

James Rowe spent most of his life thousands of miles from his homeland. Born on this day in 1865 in England, he worked for the Irish Government before immigrating to America at age 24. After settling in Albany, New York, he worked in railroads and then with the Hudson River Humane Society. A devoted Believer, he also developed a passion for writing the lyrics to hymns, reportedly numbering many thousands.

Through his diverse experiences, he had many opportunities to be concerned about the future. In 1922, he wrote a poem that reflected what he had learned. It was called “God Holds the Future in His Hands.”

Regardless of circumstances, he wrote that we should not dread the things that are ahead. The burdens may be great, and it can feel like we are plodding through sinking sand. Yet we can be confident in God.

We may not know what will take place tomorrow but we can know that “His dear hand guides, and He will be our father still.” We need to remember that He is the Creator and sovereign even over the storms of life. Years will come and go, but to Him these “are but an open page.”

Rowe gave this advice: “Live close to Him and trust His love.” We can be “assured that while on earth we roam,” but whatever comes, He will “guide His children safely home.” He understands each of us, and He is our friend.

As you approach the year ahead, don’t allow your heart and mind to be filled with dread. You can be confident that God holds the future. You can trust in Him.