March 16, 2023

God-Given Abilities

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” – Romans 12:6 TLB

Each person is special in God’s sight. Each of us has been given “the ability to do certain things well.” Not everything, just some specific things. This doesn’t make anyone superior or inferior. We simply are all different. In fact, “each of us will give a personal account to God” of our choices (Romans 14:12).

In the fulfillment of our God-given calling, He provides us with unique gifts and talents. We have unique personalities, experiences, and training. But we all serve the same Master and have the same overall goal.

Paul compared this to the functions of a body. All believers together are Christ’s body. But each of us has different assignments, not competing with other believers but complementing each other.

Some may prophesy, while others serve. Some may teach or lead, while others encourage or give. Whatever our role, we should do it as unto the Lord, with excellence. As Paul wrote, “Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically” (Romans 12:11).

Do you want to feel fulfilled and experience all that God has prepared for you? Ask Him to help you employ the abilities, gifts, and talents He has given you. Follow His leading and put those gifts to work in service to His Kingdom. Don’t look at other believers as rivals but as brothers and sisters working together—all parts of the body of Christ.

Reflection Question: Make a list of your gifts and how you can use them for God’s glory.

Father, thank You for the abilities You have given me. Show me how I can use these abilities for Your Kingdom and glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Romans 12