God Changing Our LIves

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Jabez was born, his mother gave him a name that literally means “He will cause pain.” The Bible says that his mother gave him that name because she “bore him in pain.” And Jabez carried the burden of this name throughout his life!

Jabez could have accepted this “pain” as fate. Or he could have been resentful, bitter, or angry. But instead he went to God and asked Him to change his life.

He prayed and asked God for four things: (1) That God would bless him and (2) enlarge his territory, (3) that God’s hand would be with him, and (4) keep him from evil.

Jabez prayed for these things “that I may not cause pain!” When we remember that his name meant, “He will cause pain,” we see that Jabez was praying that God would change the mark that his mother had placed on his life. And “God granted him what he requested.”

We may feel trapped by similar conditions, or feel hopeless. We may be haunted by mistakes or things other people have said. We may have habits that need to be broken, financial needs, physical disabilities, or a limited education.

But the story of Jabez shows us that—with God’s help—we can change.

In your life, remember that, with God, nothing is impossible. Be bold in seeking His face. Believe Him that He can change your life and your circumstances. Live according to His principles. And have faith that He can bless you in new, dramatic ways!