The Glory of God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Although Johann Sebastian Bach arguably was the most important composer in history, his primary goal was to please God. He demonstrated this when he wrote that the goal of music was not to entertain or to demonstrate talent. No, “the aim and final reason, as of all music…should be none else but the glory of God;” and so he sought to provide spiritual truth in every piece he wrote.

As he prepared for Christmas in 1734, Bach wrote an oratorio that told the story of the birth of Jesus. This oratorio opens with a joyful chorus that proclaimed, “Rejoice and be joyful, come, praise these days! Extol what today the Most High has done! Leave fear aside, banish sorrow, sing forth in joy and rejoicing! Serve the Most High with cheerful choruses! Let us honor the name of the Lord!”

The oratorio was also packed with prayers. Through words that were sung, Bach prayed, “O Jesus, set by me yourself your light, that I may discover and know what delights you.” And, “How shall I receive you, and how shall I meet you?”

Bach expressed amazement at Jesus’ humility that the “Great Lord and mighty King,” the One “who holds the whole world” would sleep in a manger. As Bach thought about Jesus, he offered his life to Him: “Take it! It is my spirit and mind, heart, soul and courage, take it all, and may it please you well!”

As Bach concluded his oratorio, he celebrated Jesus’ triumph. Because of Him, the devil was defeated and we have victory!

Throughout this time of year, do not allow your heart to be dominated by parties, gifts, and celebrations. Make Jesus your focus. He has triumphed over sin, and given you victory. Make it your goal to please Him with your life, and bring glory to God!