Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Tyre had become rich. This city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea had held out against attacks from Assyria and Babylon. As a seaport and commercial center, its merchants gained great wealth. But these people also angered God. Why? Because they gloated over the misfortune of Jerusalem and Judah. They took advantage of them for their own purposes.

God knew that His people had sinned. They had worshipped idols and rejected His Word. They would reap what they had sown. But even though they experienced problems, they still were His people. He still had a plan for their lives. He reserved the right to judge them as necessary. But He also would defend them and punish those who took advantage of them.

When we gloat, we are taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. In God’s sight, this is never acceptable. We may see others making mistakes. We may be aware of believers who have fallen into sin. But when we see these things, we are not to take pleasure. God wants us to be messengers of God’s love and healing. We are to be people of mercy, salvation, and compassion.

Ask God to give you His wisdom and discernment and to fill you with His love. Be ready to reach out to those who have sinned – the weary, proud, defiant, and deceived. Remember that God loves them. Be His messenger of compassion, mercy, and salvation.