Giving God Your Best

Giving God Your Best

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

On a recent television game show, contestants were asked what they thought was the average amount given in a church offering. The most frequent answer was $5. This answer reveals how little some people understand about the importance of our offerings to God and how little they understand about Biblical principles and the real meaning of our offerings.

As the Israelites prepared to give, God knew that some might be tempted to cut corners and do the minimum. They might be tempted to offer any animal, even those of lesser value to keep the best for themselves.

But God knows that our offerings demonstrate what’s really important to us, how much we value our relationship with Him. They show whether we seek first His kingdom or trust Him. God wants us to give Him our best all the time. We are to give Him first place and realize that He deserves the best in everything we do, and He blesses those with this commitment.

We also need to realize that our offerings demonstrate our priorities. Some offer as little as possible – giving Him the crumbs off their table, showing how little they think of Him. They forget that He is our Creator, the One to whom we owe everything.

Don’t seek to get by or do as little as possible. Give God your best in everything you do. Seek first His Kingdom. Do everything as unto Him.