Getting Rid of Rust

Getting Rid of Rust

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Hebrew word here translated “rust” is only used five times in the Bible. All five are in this chapter. This word comes from a root word meaning “diseased.”

Rust is a metallic coating formed by corrosion. Any cooking vessel can be corrupted by rust, which then pollutes the food being cooked in it. Ultimately this makes the pot useless.

This rust symbolizes the corrosion sin creates in our lives. Just as pots must be clean or they will develop rust, so our lives must be cleansed, or they will be tarnished.

In the physical realm, rust must be removed, or a pot is ruined. In the spiritual realm, we experience corrosion through sin, ungodly thoughts, habits, the people we associate with, and the corrupting influences from the world.

If we are not careful, “rust” will form, and it will gradually destroy our lives and rob us of victory. It will coat our actions, distort our thoughts, and prevent us from living pure lives. And, it will affect our ability to hear from God, to be used by Him, and to receive His blessing.

The message is clear: We need to prevent rust from forming in our lives. And we need to cleanse our hearts and minds from anything that corrodes us. Ask God to help you recognize the presence of this “rust” in your life. Seek to be a clean and pure vessel. Untarnished. Freed to serve God.