The Gentile Who Received a Vision

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

People knew that there was something special about Cornelius. A leader in the foreign army that controlled life in Palestine, he might have seemed to be an enemy of God’s people. Yet he gained their respect. God, too, saw special things about him and gave him a vision that changed history.

What made him different? First, he and his family were “devout.” The Greek word signifies a sacred awe that was shown through their actions. They demonstrated that their beliefs were real through the things they did. And they feared God. This fear helped Cornelius to put life in perspective. It was a reverence that fostered a spirit of humility and service. But it also inspired a willingness to live by faith.

Even though he was a Gentile, his lifestyle was consistent with godliness. His home was in order. And he demonstrated sensitivity through his generosity. He understood that he had been blessed so he could bless others. Perhaps risking opposition, he reached out to help the Jewish people. Finally, he was a man of prayer. Even though a Gentile, he trusted in the God of Israel, and knew that He was his source.

This is the man God selected for a special assignment and to receive an incredible vision.

If you want to make a difference, there is much to be learned from Cornelius. Cultivate a holy relationship with God. Be a person of prayer. Seek to be generous with your resources. Show compassion. Worship God and put your faith into action in practical ways.