Generous and Compassionate

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As His people approached the Promised Land, God repeatedly declared His desire to bless them. He assured them He would provide for their every need. He warned that they would face enemies but promised to defeat them. As long as they obeyed His principles, He would cause them to be in health and to prosper. But there was another side to these promises.

While they would receive His blessings, they were to practice giving, and not just receive for themselves. They were to remember to be sensitive to the needs of others. They always were to be people of compassion, looking for ways to help. And they were to be generous about using the resources they were given. They needed to realize that He was going to bless them that they might be a blessing to others.

Demonstrating the same principle, Jesus continually was concerned about meeting needs. Motivated by compassion, He provided for the crowds, as He taught them and healed their sick (Matthew 9:36, Matthew 15:32). He reminded His disciples that just as they had freely received; they were to freely give (Matthew 10:8).

God knows that some people are hoarders. Others are stingy, holding on to the things they have been given, reluctant to share. But the Bible teaches us the importance of being compassionate. Being motivated by mercy. As Moses directed Israel, they were to be people who cared, and showed kindness.

This same principle applies to us. We are to look around, always sensitive to needs. Then as God directs, we are to open our hand, and help others in whatever ways we can.

In your life, look for opportunities to be a blessing. Realize that God has blessed you that you might be a blessing to others. Be an ambassador of His love.