Gaining Experience

Gaining Experience

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, God promised to bless them abundantly. But they still needed to possess the land. Yet some did not experience the victory He promised or the fullness of those blessings. Why not?

Some may have been afraid or cautious. Others might have lacked leadership or resolve. Some did not have faith to believe God. And He knew they all needed to be tested to gain experience so that they would be prepared and taught how to be victorious.

How easily we can be like these Israelites – reluctant to face challenges, afraid, or lacking confidence. As He did with Israel, God might keep obstacles before us to see the true condition of our hearts.

In our flesh, we may want to avoid these challenges and stay where we feel comfortable. But God constantly wants to bring us into new levels of maturity and receive greater blessings to teach us new things. If we want His blessings, we must face these obstacles, not run away.

We also need experience. We need to be “taught war,” to be trained and ready. We need to possess the land.

What obstacles do you face? What giants stand before you? Are you confident or reluctant? Regardless of your particular challenges, remember that God is with you. Believe Him for victory. Trust in Him. Don’t be reluctant, but be bold and courageous. Move forward in faith.